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Kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn,with the right instruction and the right conditions, you can get up on the board and ride safely. It is my passion to teach and I can't wait to get you started your kitesurfing adventure, so don't hesitate, give it a go, you won't regret it!


You would not believe the time you can spend reading about kitesurfing. the truth is it is a young sport and there is still a lot to discover. Here you will find some notes i wrote about different subjects. They will help you to save some time and make your own understanding.

You can go on forums, like too, A lot of stuff to read there!
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Video tutorials

Here are some video tutorials of mine that will teach you a lot about kitesurfing. The point of them is a safer practice and a better understanding of kitesurfing. There is a lot to know about this sport and my experience will help you to keep progressing.

Who We Are

I am Sylvain Dubost, kitesurfer for the last 10 years. Passionate about kites, how they work and what we can do with them. As a senior instructor, my experience and knowledge will allow you to get easily to the sport of kitesurfing.

What My Students Say About Me

Antonio review


Antonio kitesurfingSylvain is a great teacher, i would definitely
recommend it to anybody looking to start




john reviewJohn G


Thanks Sylvain

Fabulous lesson yesterday. I learned a lot in the

two hours and thank you for your patience. See

you again in a few weeks




Kitesurfing lesson dublinKitesurfing dublin review Neal

 Just had my first lesson with Sylvain

yesterday. It was awesome. Im an

intermediate learning to kitesurf

upwind more efficiently. Sylvain is a

great teacher, he can give precise

instructions when you need them

and then lets you get on with it

yourself. Got lots of great tips about

my board control that i will be putting

into practice as soon as the wind

blows. Thanks dude




tomas kitesurfing dublinKitesurfing dublin review Tomas

Sylvain is a super good instructor.

Explains everything very well,

specially he is making sure that you

get all the safety rules and actions

step by step. Points out your

mistakes to get the best result. He

put me on the board in 4 lessons. I

thought it will take a lot longer u

P.S. And he is never late


Kitesurfing lesson JonathanKitesurfing dublin review Jonathan

Sylvian is a great teacher. As a total

beginner he went through all the

basics in a very clear manner

ensuring a thorough understanding

of the health and safety aspects.

Once we got to flying the kite for the

first time his innovative approach to

the methodology ensured that I went

from zero understanding to in the

water within a few lessons. He is fun,

calm under pressure, and always

taking time to give useful tips to

ensure utmost enjoyment of your

lessons and the sport of kite-surfing.