"I Love Nature, Sport, Excitement and a Challenge. That is Why I Do What I Do"

About Me

I am Sylvain Dubost. I arrived in Ireland in 1999 and started watersports then. I began windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, really liked them. It was in 2008 that I fell in love with kitesurfing.
I love it because it’s a lot of fun and in what other sport can you jump a few metres in the air, crash, and go again without losing momentum! It’s the one sport you just have to try. I am here to help you.

Kitesurfing dublin sylvain dubost

Sylvain Dubost

I have done a lot of different sports in my life, skiing, motorbiking, parachute jumping (17 jumps), scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing (a little), snowboarding but when I started kitesurfing, I couldn’t believe the amount of fun and excitement you could get from it compared to the other sports.   

The fact is with kitesurfing, you have so much more freedom. Freedom to try so many more different tricks, not only because you do it in water, it won’t hurt, but because you do it in three dimensions (you ride a board everywhere you want on the water and you jump in the air with your kite). Freedom to just have all your materiel in the boot of your car, and drive to the spot you choosed…   

Now what about safety. I believe kitesurfing is safer than the other sports IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING (you can read my blog about safety, click here), and here is where I will help you. The safety of kitesurfing is not only to know how to fly a kite, and what safety system you need to use when something wrong happen, the main safety of kitesurfing is to know everything you need to check to make sure than nothing wrong happen! I spend the last 10 years working on the best way and fastest way to make beginners learn and understand the sport of kitesurfing, some of this including safety protocoles easy to remember, but as well trainer kites than will give you quickly the reflex and muscle memory you need to have for kitesurfing!

And I will finish with a warning, be careful this sport is very adictive, you might not want to do anything else!   

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