Kitesurfing Voucher

Private Kitesurfing Lesson:
A Gift Voucher to give a special friend a taste of a powerfull kite in the water!

Voucher Kitesurfing LesssonIt is one to one lesson, you will learn fast and at the end of this two hour lesson, you will be getting pull by a powerfull kite in the water, knowing how fun this sport is!

Private Kitesurfing Lesson:
€105 to make someone special very happy!
(Over 18 only)


Kitesurfing Lesson for 2 people:
A Gift Voucher to share with your friend.

The lesson is 3 hours long, and there are only 2 students.
Make your friend happy, and have a lot of fun (and learning) with him or her in this Kitesurfing  Lesson.

Kitesurfing Lesson for 2 people:
€180 to make you and your friend very happy!
(over 18 only)



Kitesurfing Course, 4 Lessons:
It is the best Kitesurfing Voucher as it will make your special one an Independent Kitesurfer!

Voucher Kitesurfing Lessons

4 lessons of 3 hours when there are 2 students, 2 hours when there is only one student.
I will make sure to give all the skills and knowledge needed for a safe practice of Kitesurfing.


Kitesurfing Course:
€420. It is a beautiful gift and will make someone special very thankful, so don’t hesitate!
(Over 18 only) 


I had great fun! Learned a lot, friendly and safe environment. It was definitely worth it. Sylvain makes video’s of your training and sends it to you after the lesson. There was some hilarious video’s of me that i could send to my family and friends.
He explained the theory in a way I understood which made my progress quicker.
Gives great advice and makes time to get back to questions after your done with your training.
Definitely recommend!!!


We did two sessions with Sylvain and we really enjoy it. We are ready for the third one. He is a great person, passion instructor, careful, I almost kill him with the kite and he took it with a smile. We fully recommend him for anyone who wants to learn. Thanks a million and see you soon! Juliana and Maxime.


Amazing teacher, great experience and astonishing location, definitely worth it. Sylvain is a great guy, he is dedicated to his work, patient and willing to adapt his teaching method. Fully recommend for all who want to learn kitesurfing.


Great experience! Sylvain has neat pedagogical skills and good knowledge. Will continue lessons with him until filling comfortable by myself


Looking to get into kitesurfing. Had my first lesson today with Sylvain. Really nice guy and very accommodating. Looking forward to my next lesson. Would highly recommend.


Got a voucher for Father’s Day and had a blast.
Sylvain was a great teacher , definitely worth doing!


Sylvain is a fantastic instructor, really enjoyed the lesson and learnt a lot! Would highly recommend!


Really good lesson!!
I recommend Sylvain for his quality of learning and it’s equipment easy to learn!
Si besoin, Sylvain peut aussi vous faire le cours en Français !

Sylvain is a great kitesurfing instructor! He’s very patient and knowledgeable so on top of learning how to do things hands on, he also makes sure to teach you the theory and safety while doing so. I would 100% recommend him as a kitesurfing instructor in Dublin!




Great lessons so far! Really enjoying the 1-1 sessions and the attention to detail.
Looking forward to working with Sylvain more in the coming weeks!
Brillant instructor and very worth it!!!


Sylvain is TOP CLASS… I had a lesson with him today and it was 5 STARS all the way… From the moment you meet him he puts you at ease. Very patient and really explains clearly what you need to do. I would highly recommend him as a teacher. Thank you Sylvain 


Sylvain is excellent instructor with great knowledge and professional and individual approach. I haven’t been the easiest student so it is important to have someone with his levels of patience! I am looking forward to have more lessons and become an independent kitesurfer, and I believe that will happen with Sylvain. He is super fun to be around and I really enjoy every lesson! I recommend to everyone! 5 star experience 


I took lessons with Sylvain this summer. He is very patient and progressive in his approach to teaching…putting me at ease and building my confidence when learning to fly the kite. If I can learn at 46 years old …anyone can! I highly recommend Sylvain’s lessons.


Sylvain is a amazing teacher!
He is very knowledgeable & patient and has a great ability to instruct you in a calm and clear manner to make sure you are understanding and learning the techniques.
All the equipment was provided, so all I had to do was to show up ab be willing to learn
I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for my next lesson


Sylvain is a great teacher, gives student good tips about kites and how to feel safe while flying one. There is right amount of theory and practice in lessons, and he’s instructions are delivered clearly. He’s really patient. Thanks


Sylvain is a great teacher, did body dragging at the first lesson!
Sounds great for the next lesson 


I have had 2 lessons with Sylvain learning to fly the kite and there is so much more to it than I thought. I can’t wait for my next lesson which will be in the water. Sylvain is an excellent instructor, hes very patient allowing you to get to grips with technique before moving on.


Kiteboarding Dublin

Sylvain is a great teacher, after only one lesson I learnt how to control the kite very safetly.
Keep up the good work!


Kiteboarding skills

My boyfriend had his first lesson today and asked me to leave a review as he is not in Facebook. He was really happy with the lesson and looking forward to his next one next week! Great instructor and overall experience.


I used a voucher I received for my birthday and had a great afternoon with Sylvain. I had no idea there was so much to learn and really appreciated how knowledgeable and patient Sylvain was.
Would recommend to try, especially if you’re looking to get into the sport.


I got a voucher for a lesson, so I went out with Sylvain this weekend and learned loads!
I got a real feel for the wind and Kite surfing as a sport, I really enjoyed the lesson and can’t wait to go out again!


Sylvain is a great teacher! I had my first lesson today and he did a great job explaining me everything about flying the kite.
I always felt safe, even when flying with the bigger kites.
It was a lot of fun and I would recommend the lessons to everyone. 


We had a great time with Sylvain. He was patient, detailed and fun. Highly recommended. Looking forward to our second lesson!


I had two lessons with Sylvain and they were great. Easy going guy, great one-to-one instruction, and very knowledgable. Would definitely recommend!! Will be back in the future myself I’m sure.


Today I had my first session with Sylvain. He is an all-round pro; well prepared, super patient, eager to explain & a good teacher.

He mainly teaches at Poolbeg which I think is better for beginners or intermediates than Dollymount as it is shallower & has smaller waves.



kitesurfing schoolI had no experience Kitesurfing until I met Sylvain but I enjoyed every minute of every lesson. I was up on the board on my 3rd lesson, testament to how good a teacher he is. Great equipment, very good wet-suits to keep you warm(even in November!) and really good instruction ensuring you progress quickly. I can’t wait to get back out with him again soon. Highly recommend Sylvain for all levels of Kitsurf training.


Kitesurfing learning

this was my first time ever flying a kite. I had 0 experience and I managed to grab control, I can’t wait for my next lesson and under Slyvian’s guidance I’ll be riding the waves in no time. 5/5 would recommend just give it a go!!


kite lesson Ireland

just finished a lesson….highly recommend Sylvain he is very knowledgeable technically and a good teacher. can’t wait for the next lesson. thanks again


Antonio review

Kiteboarding lessonSylvain is a great teacher, i would definitely
recommend it to anybody looking to start


john review

Kitesurf lessonsThanks Sylvain

Fabulous lesson yesterday. I learned a lot in the

two hours and thank you for your patience. See

you again in a few weeks 


Kitesurfing lesson dublin

Kitesurf lesson Just had my first lesson with Sylvain

yesterday. It was awesome. Im an

intermediate learning to kitesurf

upwind more efficiently. Sylvain is a

great teacher, he can give precise

instructions when you need them

and then lets you get on with it

yourself. Got lots of great tips about

my board control that i will be putting

into practice as soon as the wind

blows. Thanks dude


tomas kitesurfing dublin

Kite lessonsSylvain is a super good instructor.

Explains everything very well,

specially he is making sure that you

get all the safety rules and actions

step by step. Points out your

mistakes to get the best result. He

put me on the board in 4 lessons. I

thought it will take a lot longer u

P.S. And he is never late



Kiteboarding schoolKite lessonSylvian is a great teacher. As a total

beginner he went through all the

basics in a very clear manner

ensuring a thorough understanding

of the health and safety aspects.

Once we got to flying the kite for the

first time his innovative approach to

the methodology ensured that I went

from zero understanding to in the

water within a few lessons. He is fun,

calm under pressure, and always

taking time to give useful tips to

ensure utmost enjoyment of your

lessons and the sport of kite-surfing.

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