Kitesurfing Voucher: Change your loved one’s life

Private Kitesurfing Lesson Voucher:
A Voucher to give a special friend a taste of a powerfull kite in the water!

Voucher Kitesurfing LesssonIt is one to one lesson, you will learn fast and at the end of this two hour lesson, you will be getting pull by a powerfull kite in the water, knowing how fun this sport is!

Private Kitesurfing Lesson Voucher:
€125 to make someone special very happy!
(Over 18 only)



Kitesurfing Lesson for 2 Voucher:
A Voucher to share with your friend.

The lesson is 3 hours long, and there are only 2 students.
Make your friend happy, and have a lot of fun (and learning) with him or her in this Kitesurfing  Lesson.

Kitesurfing Lesson for 2 Voucher:
€220 to make you and your friend very happy!
(over 18 only)



Kitesurfing Course Voucher, 4 Lessons:
The Zero to Hero Voucher!

It is the best Kitesurfing Voucher as it will make your special one an Independent Kitesurfer!

4 private lessons of 2 hours each.
You will get all the skills and knowledge needed for a safe practice of Kitesurfing on your own.


Kitesurfing Course Voucher:
€460. It is a beautiful gift and will make someone special very thankful, so don’t hesitate!
(Over 18 only)



What My Students Say About Me!

Had an amazing session with Sylvain. The class was super clear and fun and the experience was awesome. Officially hooked to this sport 😎

I had tried kitesurfing once before without having any instructions and it left me feeling like I was lucky to get out of the water Alive.
This time around I set out seeking some guidance. Gratefully I found Slyvain, his experience and patience when teaching is second to none, he progresses you through the different size kites, building your confidence and ability in flying the kite….which in itself is a lot of fun. I am very much looking forward to getting in the water on the board in our next lesson!! Thanks again! See you soon

Couldn’t recommended Sylvain enough, sessions are very well laid out with safety being main priority and progressing through kite sizes to learn kite control. 
Great patience, and had me moving on the board by the end of the 3rd lesson. Thanks

Had some great sessions with Sylvain. He’s very patient, clear and knows everything about the sport.

Sylvain is a great teacher. He really takes the time and goes through each step carefully so that you are always confident moving on to the next stage of the lesson. 5/5!

I had two private sessions with Sylvian and all went better than I was expected. Great to have a teacher with passion for what he’s doing. Can’t wait to get back in water and continue this adventure!

Highly recommend Sylvian for a fantastic kiteboarding lesson. I had previous experience kiteboarding on land and only needed one lesson to get up to speed, which Sylvian tailored perfectly to my needs.
Sylvian’s use of a radio system in the helmet during the lesson was a game changer, allowing for immediate and valuable feedback while out on the water. Thanks for a great lesson!

Had a great time and instruction with Sylvian. It was my first time in the water and I felt like I made progress super fast! Great equipment and felt safe at all times

Great session, I did a private lesson and really found the session valuable.
I used my own gear which Sylvain helped check was ok and helped me tune my kite and setup so I can now train without an instructor.
Great fun too 😁






I was curious to try kitesurfing and got a few lessons as a present for birthday by my partner. Definitely a great experience, done my four lessons with Sylvain and now considering getting my own gear. Needless to say, Sylvain is a great coach, very patient, friendly, and very accommodating. Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and even have a few videos captured of my earlier, funnier moment of using a kite & board in water! Thank you Sylvain!


Kitesurfing great lessonSylvain’s a fantastic instructor: Incredibly patient with a knack for explaining the theory and technique, and a good focus on safety. I can’t rate him highly enough.


I never leave reviews but in this case ill happily give my thoughts if its to help a small business like Slyvian’s
-Cant recommend him enough
-Brilliant coaching, clear, concise and easy to understand
– Kite equipment is of a high quality, wetsuits and booties etc are all clean and undamaged.
-Prices beat all his competitors while also having smaller class sizes
-Hes a top bloke sound as a pound, and an absolute gentleman

Bottom line is, if youre looking for lessons, just do yourself a favour and do these.
Have done 3 lessons and looking forward to the next yeow


Sylvain is an excellent instructor and takes a highly personalised approach to his students. I was able to progress very quickly because of his clear and insightful guidance.
He is also incredibly sound and it is an absolute pleasure to head out into the water for a few hours with him. Yesterday on our lesson the winds were lighter than expected for the first hour and Sylvain kindly extended our session to ensure we got a good run at it. I cannot recommend Sylvain enough to anyone considering kitesurfing lessons. A 5-star experience.


I don’t usually write reviews but Sylvain is an amazing professional instructor and my experience with him was so good! He teaches kitesurfing in a fun and approachable way and has soooo much Patience! I had so much fun and managed to get the basics of kitesurfing after only 4 lessons. I highly recommend this guy!! thank you so much Sylvain you are the BEST!!


Great lessons. He was very informative and helped me progress quickly. I’ll definitely be back again soon


Great first 1-to-1 lesson with Sylvain! Very clear instructions with focus on safety. Will definitely come back for more lessons.


Super moniteur. Apprentissage rapide en toute sécurité! Enjoy!


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