Kitesurfing Gift Voucher

Kitesurfing Voucher

Introduction to Kitesurfing:
The cheapest Kitesurfing Voucher and a real good one

Kitesurfing Voucher

Two hours to understand what’s Kitesurfing is all about:

How kitesurfing kites work, how you pilote them, how you control the power, how you launch and land them, how the safety systems work, and most important how you keep yourself safe and everybody around you.
It is a land only lesson, but you will be flying kitesurfing kites, so it is the real deal. 

Introduction to kitesurfing:
€50 ONLY to change someone’s life!

Private Kitesurfing Lesson:
A Gift Voucher to give a special friend a taste of a powerfull kite in the water!

Voucher Kitesurfing LesssonIt is one to one lesson, you will learn fast and at the end of this two hour lesson, you will be getting pull by a powerfull kite in the water, knowing how fun this sport is!

Private Kitesurfing Lesson:
€90 to make someone special very happy!





Kitesurfing Course, 4 Lessons:
It is the best Kitesurfing Voucher as it will make your special one an Independent Kitesurfer!

Voucher Kitesurfing Lessons

4 lessons of 3 hours when there are 2 students, 2 hours when there is only one student.
I will make sure to give all the skills and knowledge needed for a safe practice of Kitesurfing.


Kitesurfing Course:
€300. It is a beautiful gift and will make someone special very thankful, so don’t hesitate!




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